GC Construct offer these services to domestic and commercial clients.  We supply and install timber fencing structures including fence panels lap and close board, feather edge, picket and contemporary fencing. We also source and install timber trellis and decorative trellis panels to existing or new fences.

Our services also include garden fence repairs and maintenance of existing structures.

GC Construct can provide informed advice regarding design, installation, construction, maintenance and ownership including local planning laws relative to your borough. We will ensure you are best advised for all aspects of your garden fencing project.

We know how important it is for you to choose the correct fencing style to match your environment’s characteristics, preferred appearance and budget parameters. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in make the correct decisions.

All timber used for your project will be appropriately pressure treated, laminated or industry graded to adequately defend itself from what the elements have to offer. Where available, we always procure timber carrying the FSC approved status.

We specialise in the three most common garden fencing designs used in the UK.

Nearly all of the fences we construct first require the removal of the existing fence structure.

This is carried out in a safe and tidy manner always minimising disturbance to your borders, plants, shrubs and lawn surfaces.

If we need to use public areas to get materials to or from the fence location, all areas will be adequately protected from foot traffic.

During the construction process all plants and shrubs will again be protected and all posts, rails, boards and panels will be erected plumb and level. On completion, the works area will be returned to a neat and tidy finish.


Feather Edge

Feather Edge provides a high level of security for your garden. Arris rails are fixed horizontally to pre-set posts to provide the main frame for this fence design. Vertical feather edge boards are then fixed to the arris rails with galvanized nails to create a strong and sturdy structure. This fence style can also be used where site conditions determine a slope must be incorporated into the design of the fence.

Lap Panel

Lap Panels also referred to as overlap panels are a popular feature that we regularly install. These fencing panels are constructed from overlapped slats which are laid horizontally within a fixed frame. Vertical battens matching the frame materials hold the horizontal slats in place. This is the cheapest fencing specification we offer.

Closeboard Panel

This type of garden fence is again very popular and are normally used where some additional strength is required over and above what the lap panel offers. The vertical timber slat style makes it a popular choice which provides a very stable structure. In terms of cost this is more expensive than the lap panel specification but does offer a better appearance and stronger structure.



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