Sprayed concrete



GC Construct provides both wet-mix (shotcrete) and dry-mix (gunite) methods of sprayed concrete.

There are many applications and uses for sprayed concrete. These include curved structures (including shell roofs and domes and tunnel linings) and free-formed structures (such as swimming pools and climbing walls). Applications also include underground construction, retaining walls and piled wall facings. Sprayed concrete is also commonly used to provide fire protection to steelwork and for strengthening and repair works to existing structures.

Installed properly by experienced applicators, sprayed concrete provides designers with a cost effective and adaptable method to create and repair concrete structures.


Through our highly experienced management and site teams we are able to offer a full solution for your waterproofing requirements for:

  • Vault and basement structural linings
  • Structural concrete repairs
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Tunnel linings
  • Bridge repairs and strengthening
  • Pile facing
  • Sea wall defence
  • Bund linings