General Needs / Temporary Accommodation / Major Voids



At GCC we understand that the growing pressure on social housing waiting lists and the need to maximise revenue makes voids management a high priority for our clients.

To minimise the time for which properties are left empty GC Construct's ‘key-to-key’ void management process includes a dedicated voids contracts manager and several dedicated teams of voids operatives.

We uphold a zero-day voids initiative; this is a three-stage process based on:

  • Planning and pre-commencement
  • Delivery
  • Post completion

Our clearly-structured, well-regulated voids process ensures that we survey, programme and deliver void repairs to achieve optimum delivery and turnaround. GC Construct currently operates with between three to six teams of operatives delivering between 10-30 voids a month depending on client demand; which has a tendency to fluctuate given the nature of this work stream.

Each team is supported by other trades within the organisation and specialist sub contractors when necessary; to ensure we achieve the voids standard in the shortest turnaround in order to maximise the rental income for our clients.

Our partnership approach and integrated service delivery allow us to work innovatively so that planned maintenance and voids management work together to manage housing stock more holistically and cost-effectively.