General Statement of Intent – Environmental

GC Construct is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Continually monitoring legislative changes and developments and making changes to our policy and practice to ensure compliance.
  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy (in our case, principally electricity) throughout our business by conserving energy wherever possible, monitoring and improving energy consumption and efficiency on a regular basis, and encouraging best practice within our company and by our business associates.
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling packaging and stationery materials, purchasing recycled materials where appropriate, and using recyclable packaging and other materials wherever possible.
  • Being a responsible member of the local business community and its immediate area in the way that we impact on the environment that we share. To also act promptly and effectively to correct any problems or incidents that might affect the environment or the health or safety of our staff, of our business neighbours or of the inhabitants of the area.
  • Utilising products that we know to be safe to use, energy-efficient in operation, protective of the environment, and that can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Making all employees aware of this policy and their responsibilities for environmental issues.
  • Undertaking regular and comprehensive self-assessments of our compliance with this policy and reporting annually to the management meeting.
  • Reviewing and updating this policy on an annual basis, or more frequently if required.

In practical terms:

  • Non-essential electrical equipment will be switched off whenever possible.
  • In particular, the office lights will be turned off overnight, and over weekends.
  • Office heating will be turned down to acceptable and staff-agreed levels.
  • All procurement of goods or services should consider the environmental impact of the product purchased, its packaging and delivery method. Where it is sensible, we will use second-user or recycled equipment.
  • We will actively look for practical public transport alternatives for any trip.
  • We will aim to share lifts whenever two or more staff are visiting the same site and have a similar route or part of the journey.
  • We will attempt to reduce travel in general through the careful planning of meetings with clients and travelling to a site in groups.
  • All paper, plastics and glass consumed within the office will be recycled, separately from other refuse. All confidential paper matter will be shredded before recycling.

Gary Crouch - Director

Gary Crouch

Jan 6, 2023

Signed - Gary Crouch (Jan 6, 2023 08:50 GMT)