General Statement of Intent – Quality

GC Construct is committed to providing quality services and products for all of its projects regardless of the nature or size. We meet the needs of all our customers by continually enhancing, reviewing and improving our quality systems with the intention of providing our clients with the quality of service they expect from a professional organisation.

With this in mind, it is our policy to work towards the realisation of the following objectives:

  • To provide a professional service.
  • Total client satisfaction measured using pre-determined key performance indicators.
  • To be recognised by our clients as a professional organisation providing a quality service, therefore increasing the potential for further market development.
  • The communication and implementation of the quality policy, system and procedures at all levels of the organisation. Develop and maintain a culture that is self-critical, honest and transparent.
  • Maintain an adequately resourced quality assurance system that enables us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses accurately and to respond to them accordingly.
  • Review our quality management system through an effective internal audit and management review process. The company quality statement will be reviewed on an annual basis.

It is the intention of the directors that the policies and procedures outlined and detailed within this policy are implemented on each and every project; adequate resources will, therefore, be made available to ensure this is achieved.

GC Construct believes strongly that responsibility for quality assurance lies closest to the point of actual delivery - Therefore all personnel are responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the quality system which will be formally monitored by all members of management and supervision.

Gary Crouch - Director

Signed - Gary Crouch
Gary Crouch (Jan 6, 2023 08:50 GMT)